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The Lady Luck Gambling Diary is the ONLY Gambling Diary that meets IRS requirements

Whether you play slot machines, poker, blackjack or visit the race track, the IRS recommends that you use a gambling diary or log – and the IRS is very specific about the information you need to record and documents to keep.

The Lady Luck Gambling Diary: Slot Machine Edition helps you track your cash-ins, cash-outs and hand paid jackpots.  As a result, you are better able to accurately prepare your income tax return.  This in turn makes it more difficult for the IRS to challenge your calculations during an audit, and ultimately will save you money!

Many people simply don’t understand The Problem, or mistakenly rely upon The Myths regarding proper record keeping.  As a result, when they prepare their income tax returns or submit their records for audit, they are woefully unprepared.

The Solution is to use one of The Products from Lady Luck Publications, LLC so that you can easily and accurately record your gambling transactions.

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